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With five generations worth of industry experience and craftsmanship, Weickert Industries persistently strives to remain on the cutting edge of metal fabrication technology.


Our highly skilled and impassioned staff members continue to pass down their tireless work ethics and extensive knowledge to the sixth and latest generation of Weickert Family apprentices.

About Weickert Industries, Inc.

The Weickert Tradition in the Beginning

Hans Weickert started the company in 1923 with a tradition of technical sheet metal expertise carried on from two generations of European craftsmen. His initial policy ensured no work left the shop without meeting his own standard of perfection. The business adopted the family name in 1982.

Weickert Industries carries on the tradition of excellence with an eye toward the future and upcoming generation of craftsmen. With a state-of-the-art computerized plasma cutting system, we're able to keep up with our rapidly changing industry. From standard HVAC work to special designs, the plasma cutter can handle any job with unparalleled speed and accuracy.


Our committed team will maintain its dedication to excellence with quality service and workmanship as top priorities. You can always call on Weickert Industries, Inc. to handle everything from HVAC installations to highly specialized metal works and more.

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